Raise To Ruin

by Neist

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Raise to Ruin started as an experimental demo focusing on violence and dark subject material that quickly became a much longer passion project. What came out was a 9 track EP that's basically designed to be loud and relentless. A full length album is in the works with an extended roster and expanded musical themes.


released April 1, 2017

Written and performed by Andy Beekman. Damian C. Duross appears on Egotrip, Breaking Bones, and Cuntempt as the left-side guitar.
Recorded and mixed by Andy Beekman at Stinkfat Studios.



all rights reserved


Neist Johnstown, New York

Blackened Death from the desolate foothills of Upstate NY.

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Track Name: We Are Legion
We Are Legion:

Now that I'm back on the surface again
With the knowledge of ancients, and the guidance of Satan
Our prime directive's the same
Be the bringer of death
And the render of flesh
Father, Satan, your will:my task
We'll shear this world in half
My mind. My bones. My sight. My wrath.
I offer these gifts for the bloodbath.

Under the guidance of He Who Is Not
leaching purpose- burning rot
We are Legion- for we are the many
We are Next
We're descending down

Let go of your pleasure, let go of your pain
Let go of the last shred of man that remains inside.
Track Name: Egotrip

In the presence of gods
My skull is the sky without bounds
All for nothing. It crumbles away from me
Reaching may rattle their chains
They may hold my fate but they'll not slow the ice in my veins

Sow seeds of the shepherd's gift
And reap dreams of dissent
We're all fading away into emptiness
Nothing's wrong- nothing's left

These screams of torment
And the ocean spray's cold-
I shall bury you deep with the head of the steed that will carry you home!

As flesh became earth I am one
My blood birthed thew seas
And my words were all fed to the Sun
I am pain- I am joy
I am all that is not
And they've named me The Void

Sow seeds of the shepherd's gift
What we harvest is lies
We're all rotting away in this emptiness
Empty souls- empty lives

And it tears me apart when I think I made promises knowing these days slip away from me
Splitting old wounds

And this goes to the trodden
And this goes to the meek
All the people who're made afraid to speak
And this goes to the rotten
And those cast on the rocks...
There's blackness in all our thoughts.
Track Name: Chemtrailertrash

War torn-
Raised among the frail and weak
There's no quarter
And no martyrs
There's never enough, we need more and more
This all will end
If you look through your brow
And you talk through your teeth
You see Nothing
And say Nothing
It should sicken you down to the core (to the core)
This all must end

Bleeding out- nearly whittled to the bone
And our lives are forfeit without our phones
No, there is no peace
Till we summon the beast
We're all shedding the chains
For honor
Track Name: Cuntempt

Stare away and don't focus
Nothing good can come out of the truth
With a flash it invades my peripheral
It's made of the wind that wounds
We're the last of the chosen
We're the last real connection with pain
Will they ravage and tear us to shreds?
Will the children remember our names at all?
The foundation is weak, but she'll last
It's the last time i break my back
This is righteous
This is fate
It's the place where our promises break
This is wrath
Razor's rusted
This is payback
This is Justice
We're the beast with the proof that He wept...
We live in contempt

How can you smile with a face full of lies?
Just under the skin
Prodding, protruding and teasing to rise
It's waiting to surface again
We're the elders in black
With our feet firmly nailed to the cross
And we've gathered this horrible night
To take back what we have lost

The foundation is crumbled and cracked
Is it fate that's been holding us back?
Aren't we all just waiting to die?
Hold your breath it's the end of the line
We're the martyrs of common sense
We live in contempt
Track Name: Breaking Bones with Breath
Breaking Bones with Breath

It's the lice that bother me the most
Dry veins
Dry tears
And it keeps them from coming alive again
As it's done for a thousand years
And I've got more pride than sense
More to fools than these fiends do I recompense
And this Dry...
When we no longer look to the stars
To seek answers to who we really fucking are
Fuck it!
All these thing's I've said
These things I fuckin' said
Although it bears repeating, listen close- my dying breath
As it shatters these walls!
That I built with my bare hands
These walls
And they cannot be raised again

We'll wait
For the dark this time, for the evening to swallow us up
When the night's upon us lay out candles, fill my cup
And we'll sacrifice!
For my sins I can never go home
For my sins are not only my own
I'll rise again
I'll writhe again
But in the end- the whole damn world will be fucked

It's the fear that makes us brag and boast
Dry veins
Dry tears
And it keeps them from coming alive again
As it's done for a thousand years
I've got more pride than sense
More to fools than these fiends do I recompense
And this Dry...
When we no longer look to the stars
To seek answers to who we really fucking are
Track Name: Amen and Goddamn
Amen and Goddamn

When the storm has cleared
And the sides are all counted
The blood will outweigh the flesh
When we've both drawn a line
And we summon the priests
To collect the souls of the dead
Amen and Goddamn
And while our spirit breaks
You're just polishing your cross
And it makes me think-
Is this shit as good as it gets?
Bleeding heart's lethargic shift
When we sift through the pieces that's left
We're wasted
And we're wasting our breath
It bores me to death
Burn these thoughts before they breed
For dignity

Like a moth to flame
It seemed so right before we burned
And it had to end like this
You're not wrong
But not living
And not the story that we tell
And it brings you joy to see me fail...again
Is it good enough? good enough?
Is it good enough for you?
Last ditch attempt
Is it good enough? good enough?
good enough? good enough for you?

We'll raze and waste this land
Burn these buildings to the ground
The thieves an depraved
We'll all be saved
You're blind and it fits
Yeah they won't mourn for long
So just get it through your head
Amen and Goddamn
Track Name: The Destroyer
The Destroyer

This life cause we don't want it back
We won't take excuses may we try to stay on track to
Put an end to this reign and it's famine
Nothing short of the bomb can repair all the damages done
All we have left is regrets. The rest is
Gone, wasted
The scar of the Earth
We'll poison the wind
And nullify this curse
Ye faithless- you'll be first
With the greatest of purpose and grace
I will honor my father
Remember his face
Now's the time-break the chains
We'll be saved
It's the suffering
And it gets no better the further we get from the center of all of this grief
For our sins, for our crimes
We'll be fed to the beast with the black gnashing teeth. He'll
Stare eternity dead in the face and not blink
This is war and we feed on the weak
Cut these ties off at the bone
No refuge, no comfort, no rest and no home